Sunday, 20 February 2011

Seeing red, rubber bands that is

The Royal Mail uses over 13 red rubber bands for every man, woman and child each year. 


Black & Decker, Bike Danger and Bin Disaster

Three Norfolk related stories to catch up on.

The death in Jersey, at the age of 78, of inventor and designer Ron Hickman was announced this week. Famed for inventing the Workmate, which has sold 30 million units since its invention in 1961, he is also credited with designing the original 1960's Lotus Elan and Europa cars in Hethel near Wymondham.

A kidnapped bike was saved from a suicidal drop off the Midland Bank roof in the Georgian Market Place, Swaffham on a busy Saturday morning. The bike was safely brought down with no injury to the velocipede or any passer by beneath.

A thunderbolt in Holt may have not have caused a bin blaze in the picturesque North Norfolk Coast town, the fire was put out by the local crew before the Sherringham tender could arrive as back up.

Nothing rubbish about that kind of service, damping down the danger of the fire flash in the trash.

Farming Opportunity

Local land in the Wissey Valley is up for grabs on a 5 year lease for a young farmer to get their first foot on the farming ladder. David Bolton Partners, in association with Norfolk Federation of Young Farmers’ Club , has organised it with, I assume, the help of South Pickenham Estates. 

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