Friday, 19 August 2011

Council destroys Banksy original

Without wishing to start an inter county incident, some may consider this a 'throwing stones and glasshouses' scenario where regional accents are concerned (Boy!), but ripping down an artwork by your most internationally famous living creative must be a bit galling for any cash strapped council.

Should you wish to speak or understand 'Norfolk' whilst enjoying this fine county, here are a few pointers.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hats, holes and a hasty hawker

Local news from East Anglia.

Lost property is usually returned to the rightful owner if at all possible. In East Anglia it warrants a  police information operation with Suffolk police putting out an appeal after the errant chapeau, thought to be lost from an open top bus, was returned to the King's Lynn living owner after her day trip to Felixstow.

Whether you fall in to them or dig yourself into one, holes can be dangerous. Like the woman who fell in woodland burial site in Norwich. Unfortunately it wasn't a shallow 6 feet into a prepared grave that she fell into but 33 feet down a well where she stayed undiscovered for six hours. On the coast at Caister a fifteen year old nearly did dig her own grave when the 7 foot hole in the sand she had dug collapsed around her

News of a 180mph ice cream van, powered by a racing Jaguar engine and performing this weekend at Snetterton, reminded me of the Morecambe & Wise sketch - relevant joke is after five and a half minutes.