Saturday, 3 March 2012

Necton Co-Op Closure Confirmed

The end has come after reports at the end of last year that the local store in Necton would close.

The popular resource, including the adjoined Post Office, will aparently close on Saturday 10th March. The competitive pricing, local welcoming staff and conveniently lengthy opening hours will be much missed but the Co-Operative refused to countenance a 30% rent increase when the lease came up for renewal.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow came as predicted

What a difference a day makes.

© J Reed

But it'll be the sludge turning to ice which will prove troublesome.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tesco Targets Three Supermarket Town update 2

More details from Tesco developer Millngate, prior to the exhibition at the George Hotel this Friday and Saturday, including this artists impression of what the store will look like as published in today's EDP.

Interactive map of the proposed site here via

Monday, 23 January 2012

Miraculous Moisture at Marham

Contrasting Accounts of County Crime

Thankfully Norfolk is a safe place to live with much antisocial behaviour centred in the few larger conurbations and other crime more particular to rural farming locations. Deputy Chief Constable Simon Bailey is pleased, but not complacent, in Norfolk being named the safest place in the country to live.

Indeed today's warning from Norfolk Police in the EDP of a robbery in Merryweather Road, Swaffham, recorded that the robbers, er, stole nothing. Not that East Anglia is free from serious crime. Thomas Curtis was part of a gang that had a total of 32 robberies, 67 cashpoint thefts, 42 smash-and-grabs and 126 vehicle thefts linked to it. Sentenced to 12 years for his part in the crimes, he died in Norwich gaol in January after being returned to prison for breaking parole conditions. His widow reports he was a reformed character having worked in the community whilst in custody, she added:
“You couldn’t ask for a better brother and we feel he should be remembered for the positives, not just the negatives.”

Shame the wreath givers at his recent funeral were not so sensitive to the community he had wronged. I wonder whether the victims of the crimes, where the perpetrators brandished sawn-off shotguns, baseball bats, pickaxe handles and sledgehammers to carry out the robberies during their ram raiding exploits, appreciate the 'humour' of flower arrangements in the shapes of a replica cash machine, a Post Office sign, a can of red diesel and a £20 note?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Blackmailing Bogus Bobby Busted

Police are praising the persons prayed upon by a pretend policeman pursuing payoffs after improper propositions, writes the BBC. The man, Darren Witham, attempted to extort money from men he encouraged into sexual activity in public conveniences near the King's Lynn clock in the district of Gaywood. He then posed as a policeman and threatened prosecution if funds were not handed over. Officers acknowledge how embarrassing it must have been to come forward and report the incidents, treating the victims with sensitive anonymity. No comment was conjured whether the crime scene was cynically chosen. Witham was sentenced to four years in prison.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dudgeon Dig Not A Done Deal

Warwich Energy were dealt a new blow this week during their application to bury the power cables from their Dudgeon Windfarm in a 40 meter wide unbilical chord corridor. North Norfolk District Council rejected the plans to bury the power cables from their landfall at Weybourne to Great Ryburgh, this is just 11 miles as the crow flies from Little Dunham where other faltering plans for a huge substation connection to the National Grid are being sort despite continued local objection.

Warwich Energy plans at Little Dunham can be seen here.