Saturday, 18 September 2010

Clouds and chased cows

With an aching body from yesterday's brake and exhaust overhaul I was still pondering, this morning, why is it you never have 'that' tool to complete what is a relatively simple job? With the MOT still pending for Monday it is Shanks' Pony for me, not that Bertie minds. Clouds. That would sum up today's walk up and around Houghton on the Hill.

On return home, the cows were being moved from the field behind me to another just over the bridge which has the Wissey running through.

All photos © J Reed

Not Pamplona bull run, sure, but exciting enough. The road being blocked by a cattle lorry, only a feisty calf tried to go for the gap I was filling. With some arm waving and 'whoooing' it was persuaded to follow the others into their autumn residence.

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