Sunday, 8 May 2011

All change for Wissey Ward

Local resident Jill Ball, current Parish Councillor in North Pickenham, has been ousted as incumbent Breckland councillor, a role she has had since 2003, after standing as an Independent. Jill's former party colours beat her into second place with the new Conservative candidate Paul Darby holding the post for the Tories. Third place was the Green's Alison Haines with a creditable 202 votes, Jill had 292 and Paul won with 475. Disappointingly there were no candidates from either of the other two main parties, Labour and Liberal Democrats, possibly explaining the 2% spoiled ballot papers in protest. The turnout was 51% compared to the national average of 42% who voted in the Alternative Vote at the same time although it should be noted that not all areas had a dual voting reason to turn up.

Whole country looks very blue, a lot less yellow and slightly redder within the council chambers.

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