Sunday, 30 October 2011

Covered Clods

Farmers have for some time covered their fields in shiny man made materials to harvest the most from the prevailing weather conditions. Thankfully plastic mulching is not too prevalent in this part of Norfolk, the materials being not only unsightly but rather unenvironmentally friendly too.

Following last weeks news of an anaerobic digester plant being planned off the A1065 north of Swaffham, another farmer has covered a field with a 30 acre 'sun farm' assembled near North Walsham. The 18,000, 3 meter high photovotaic cells can produce enough energy to feed 1,500 homes. Expected to last 25 years, some of the maintenance is to be provided by grass trimming sheep to keep the 35 degree tilted panels producing their solar powered produce.
Update: These could be the last solar farms for some time as the government has slashed the subsidises, known as FiTs or Feed in Tariffs, for new developments.

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