Sunday, 10 October 2010

10 4 10-10-10

Well the idea was to go and take some autumnal photographs but nature had its own ideas.

With poppies still in bloom, it was a struggle to find any golden brown leaves at all.

Oak leaves are so stunning, especially against a cloudless sky.

The t-shirt and shorts 19 Celsius demanded a longer than usual walk past the green lane which goes up to St.Mary's ...

... down towards South Pickenham and the road section of Peddars Way ...

... towards the traditional Norfolk road sign with the updated Houghton on the Hill direction board.

After startling what may, or may not, have been an escaped fir farm mink, the hedgerows show signs of last year's tree cull from our unusually long winter.

Only the silver birches show any sign of being really ready to shed their leaves.

One sure sign of autumn in East Anglia is the sweet smell of sugar beet harvesting, but the machinery here is still dormant ...

... unlike the local kids on their bikes enjoying the sunshine denied them during the school holidays.

.All photos © J Reed

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