Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Beet, Berney, Burning and Build Ban

With the mild and dry weather set to continue, the annual sugar beet harvest race has started in Norfolk. Rude awakenings for the next month or so as the huge lorries thunder around the rural highways with or without their sweet load.

A new Norfolk forum, the Norfolk Mardler (that's Norfolk Gossiper to outsiders), led me to what must be the smallest railway station in the country.

Berney Arms railway station is 3.5 miles from the nearest road and is the most remote station in Norfolk. It is only accessible by rail, boat, on foot or on horseback and is 5 miles west of Great Yarmouth. Trains will only stop on request for you to visit the English Heritage windmill or the RSPB nature reserve.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service had another busy day, so did the reporter who posted this riveting story.

Good news for the nearby Dunhams with a planning reprieve for the huge sub station next to this small settlement, that I reported on in March, to connect the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm to the National Grid. Warwick Energy may well appeal, the associated cable laying was given approval.

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