Sunday, 5 June 2011

Birds Block Build, Demonic Dog & Dodgy Driving

A new North Walsham hospital is being delayed because of nesting birds. Despite the use of a tame hawk to discourage birds from establishing nests in early spring, blackbirds and dunnocks have decided to raise their families in trees that need to be felled for building to commence. Experts say that the birds may not leave until September and the planning permission won't allow for the lumberjacks to start their work until the birds depart.

Bob the demonic dog from Downham Market needs a new home. Caveat emptor, however, as behind that smiling face is a cantankerous canine who could be accurately twinned with Bulgakov's cat Behemoth. After ten years pig farmer Tem Sosa has had enough: 
“He looks older than his years, has wonky teeth, bad breath and a bad attitude. He is terrified of cats, snaps at horses’ heels and nips pigs. He should not be left unsupervised indoors as he steals food off the side, licks the cooker and pees at terrier height so as not to get the blame”.

Dangerous driving in Dereham this week when an older than average driver mistook the accelerator for the brake and mounted a Swedish model in Homebase's car park. The Saab was unoccupied, the female of the French fourwheeler found in flagrante was shaken but not stirred.

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