Sunday, 3 July 2011

Dandy Dancers and Insightful Interviews

Whilst international attention eyes the gladiators on Centre Court in SW19 and in the ring in Hamburg, Sheringham on the north Norfolk coast saw a dance-off between 32 morris dancing teams from around Britain. There were various styles of dress from the colourful, flower strewn, camp handkerchief waving to the more sinister looking, blackened faces resembling those seen at Sweeps festival in Kent. Excellent EDP photo story.

William Kempe morris dancing from Norwich to London

Reporting techniques in provincial newspapers can be somewhat different to sensationalist tabloid titillating  storytelling. In a not at all funny tale where several people were seriously injured in a car accident,  Rebecca Gough in the EDP filed the following stunning insight:
'One woman said she had lived in her house on the A1066 High Road, for 22 years and had not seen a crash. "I didn’t hear anything, I hadn’t heard anything about it,”'
Not happy with this revelation, the point was driven home by another fascinating interview with a couple:
'“We didn’t see or hear anything but we don’t usually get accidents along here.”'
with the man adding that, although he hadn't actually seen another accident:
'I think the only fatality I’ve seen was a cat about three or four weeks ago which I saw at the edge of the road.”'
Regional Press Award heading to Norfolk for sure.

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