Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bird saviours and dead whale demise

Famed for loving our animals, it is sometimes odd how much attention we pay to those who are or have been in distress.

But how many fire fighting vehicles does it take to free a 'distressed' gull from a tree? Three, it seems. One to assess the situation and order a table-ladder appliance and a third to 'assist' the staff of the big steps. Well I'm sure that is all very well justified.

A sad end to the whiffy whale who didn't have the good fortune to be washed back out offshore to swim with Davey Jones. Instead the watery mammal has been dissected with a chain saw and sent to landfill. Police say there is no action to be taken against the youth who misguidedly tried to make a small sum from selling thieved teeth taken from the temporary tourist attraction.

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