Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Saplings Supersede Speed Braking Bumps

No, this is not a story about the now contrite Casanova clubman 'down boy' Tiger Woods but a new highways scheme in Norfolk

If this is what comes to mind when trees, cars and road safety are uttered, think again. £70,000 trial plans are afoot to use the speed reducing properties of the tunnelling effect of roadside trees on the approach to 30 mile an hour village boundaries. The trees are to replace more urban traffic calming measures that have scarred city streets, such as speed bumps, maintaining the rural essence of Norfolk. Single track major routes that criss cross the county, passing through sleepy villages and joined by national speed limit roads, are a reality without motorways and few dual carriageways. Another unfortunate death when a car hit a JCB in an early morning collision on Monday, it is unclear if speed was an issue. The A148 is a major west east link, from King's Lynn to Fakenham and beyond, yet the map illustrates its rural nature.

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Whether reducing the maximum speed limit to 50 would help is unsure. Any reduction is likely to be unpopular in counties where large distances are travelled with no motorway alternative. A balancing act between speed and safety, no doubt the debate will continue.

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