Monday, 1 March 2010

St David's Day Daffodil Deficiency

A walk in the relatively warm seven degree centigrade sunshine on Welsh St David's Day, St David is an unusual patron saint for the British Isles in actually being a native, negates the snow of the last two months and the affects the colder than usual soil has had on our flora. The farmed daffodils that should be painting the fields all over the UK are a month behind and most are still just about in bud. Pickenham hasn't escaped the freeze, with an abundance of snow drops still around, my daffs have only just broken the soil, as I recorded today.

Perhaps rather than buy a bunch of the scarce narcissi, the national emblem of Wales, why not help the Marie Curie Cancer Care Great Daffodil Appeal to raise awareness and funds for the home helps. Archetypal English romantic Hugh Grant is taking a leading role charming a couple of ladies on the launch of the March long campaign.

Handsome hunk Hugh, born in London's Hammersmith, actually has a long line of Scottish military ancestry and it was the care his Scottish mother Fynvola received, in her last days, that first brought the charity's work to his attention. Palliative personal care at home is as near to a saintly vocation as it gets, David would have been proud.

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