Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sauntered up to Sheringham Park

Went to sunny Sheringham Park to walk with sort of relatives with five dogs and one less sproglet. Beautiful views matched by the calm winds and warm sunshine. I was proud to climb the Gazebo tower without thoughts of my vertigo and, unlike two years ago, I remained on my two feet and didn't need to sit down in the middle of the upper platform for five minutes to compose myself before a shaking, humiliating descent. It is the slight give under foot by the wooden boards that pervert the usually stable brain cells.
Wonderful views, though.

Weybourne beach was stony but beautiful with signs that the Dudgeon wind farm land fall cable site is being dredged just offshore with the implications to Pickenhams' nearby neighbours The Dunhams and the proposed sub station.
The children had fun, so did the dogs .

All photos © J Reed

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