Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Toilet Turmoil, Sub Station Site and Air Ambulance Arrival

Yesterday was Groundhog Day in the USA.

Yesterday was Groundhog Day in the USA.

And déjà vu it is in the EDP today. Watton council warn of a shortfall in funding as their £100,000 refurbed public toilets are repeatedly vandalised, reminiscent of  Swaffham's water closet Waterloo. Just how do you spend £100,000 refurbing some sanitary ware anyhow?

Just to the north of the Pickenhams, in Little Dunham, villagers are up in arms about a proposed electricity sub station. Not one of those humming brick sheds behind the local corner shop, but a 22 acre construction on a 42 acre site around 150 metres from the nearest dwelling. The proposed site will be the terminus for 45km of underground cabling from the Dudgeon Wind Farm landfall at Weybourne.

A short diversion via Little Cressingham yesterday, on my return from the south, as the B1065 was closed and the air ambulance called to assist at a traffic accident at Hilborough.

The injured lorry driver, who was transporting railway sleepers, was airlifted to Addenbrookes in Cambridge by this charity funded emergency resource. The East Anglian Air Ambulance needs £3million a year to run two helicopters 365/24/7 and provide ongoing training. That's about thirty toilet refurbs.

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