Monday, 10 May 2010

Contrite Communiqué to the Co-op Checkout Cashier Couple

On a quick dash to the Necton Co-op before its 5pm Sunday closing hour, I mistakenly offered consolation to the staff that the sunshine was to last and the temperate climate look set to stay. On my return home, Bertie took me and my camera for a walk.

All was set fair to the south, with warm T-shirt wearing sunshine and light winds. To the north the rain clouds gathered, however.

Beautiful contrast of light and shade.

Chased by the looming rain clouds we raced towards Houghton on the Hill, looking back down towards Houghton Ponds in the Wissey valley.

The sunshine highlights the large amount rapeseed being grown in East Anglia this year, much to the annoyance of hay fever sufferers.

Then a sudden chill as the weather front ushered a cold steady breeze, the darkness from the clouds progressing purposely across the Houghton plateau.

All photos © J Reed

The downhill return to Pickenham was dark and bracing, to say the least. So apologies to the shop staff, I promise to keep my mouth shut next time so as not to put the kibosh on your evening sun worship.

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