Saturday, 1 May 2010

Will May Blossom?

© J Reed

With the consistency of death and taxes, the weather forecast for the bank holiday weekend was not so good. Just as well, then, that plans were not made for indoor pursuits as the sun shone with sporadic and dramatic cloudscapes.

© J Reed

Not the rain but the onslaught of my first, and hopefully last, runny nose cold of the year kept me at home today. Still, in a manly way as all of my fellow sex deal with a debilitating cold, I ventured into Swaffham for some drugs, fruit juice and a box of balm infused tissues to relieve my reddening nose. 

On the way home, I had the strength to quickly photograph the turbines at the airfield against a lovely sky.

© J Reed

Now, should I join Rudolf with a glass of red wine or will it not mix well with the drugs? Think I'll risk it.

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