Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Green, Green Grass of Home

A picture may well be worth a thousand words, but there is a good reason why East Anglia is green and the rain comes from the likes of the clouds photographed today. Statistically we have one of the driest climates in Britain but there is still enough rain for our flora to flourish.

Today's wood walk in West Acre, behind Narford Hall, can be summed up with one word - green. April showers have come to May and the whole wood was vibrant with green shoots. We did bump into an old friend, a blue grey Great Dane puppy who is now fully grown and stands equal to my waist now. Bertie is a little scared, although our friend is a softy he plays like a Terrier. Too much for the less than brave Lurcher.

The idyll was only slightly tempered by an unseasonal chill and the background soundtrack from nearby RAF Marham.

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