Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Normal for Norfolk, Devon visitors too it seems

Amongst a stolen broken washing machine and a man returning money he had stolen from a Ex-Serviceman's Club, Sheringham police report that someone telephoned them to say they thought Sammy The Sea Serpent, the inflatable mascot for the 2011 carnival, was 'suspicious'. A slippery suspect surely.

Serpents may well be unusual sea sightings, but the man who complained to the authorities because of crates of fish at a working harbour in Ilfracombe should be less surprised. Disgusted by the smell, the middle aged man also said the dead fish had distressed his children and that the fishermen should be more considerate of holiday makers. The man returned back to his hometown to feed his sprogs on fish fingers before the locals had a chance to lynch the Grockle.

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