Thursday, 17 December 2009

Crime is not a funny thing

This Christmas…keep it safe, keep it secure is the advice for householders from the Swaffham Neighbourhood Policing Team with some pointers to keep hold of your festive cheer.

 Close curtains when dark to prevent thieves looking in.
 Use timer switches so it looks like you are at home.
 Remember to secure windows, doors and outbuildings.
 Record serial numbers, take photos of valuable items.
 Mark items with a police approved marking system
 – it makes them worthless to thieves
 Always lock your car and never leave property or shopping on show – even in car parks.
 Shred personal items to prevent possible identity theft.
 Keep wallets, bags and any valuables on you hidden.
 Don’t advertise new goods – never leave empty packaging by bins.

Sound, serious suggestions. Being burgled isn't a funny business, I've been done twice myself, so I felt a little guilty when a visual witticism made me outwardly laugh when reading of someone else's misfortune. The Lorry Crime Blog reported yesterday of a cheese and salami rustler who stole a lorry from TMM Distribution Ltd, a Swaffham firm established by father and son Doug and Andrew Spells, later found burnt out just east of Norwich near Bawburgh. Sorry to hear it, I hope someone is brought to account for it. What came into my head?

Sorry lads, gallows humour.

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