Wednesday, 16 December 2009


In the beginning...
Inspired by my new friends @ Norfolk Coast here are my first musings from Mid Norfolk.

North Pickenham is probably most famous for its disused airfield with the eight turbines operated by Enertrag and the largest turkey farm courtesy of Norfolk legend Bernard Matthews. BM has applied to put up two turbines of his own on the site, completely independent from those already there, and not everyone is pleased about it. Planning applications to Breckland Council can now be viewed on line including any formal objections with this simple planning application search facility. Further plans for more modern windmills just down the road were reported in the EDP and that's on top of the two already in Swaffham.

No Denver Boots in clamp down, just on the spot fines
Free parking has always been a blessing to both shopper and purveyor in Norfolk market towns. Thankfully, plans to charge have roused great opposition. Anyone who has had the displeasure of driving and parking in Central London will know of the running battles with traffic wardens (I was once fined for double parking. The evidence provided were two photographs of my car facing in different directions, I was doing a three point turn!) Such madness has not spread this far north east but the EDP reports that the police will crack down on illegal parking in Swaffham, especially on market days.

Unitary or not unitary
After the failure by Suffolk Councils to stop them and to the disappointment of KNL (Keep Norfolk Local) group of district councils, the Boundary Commission has reported to the Secretary of State and has recommended a Norfolk Unitary Authority. 
To have your say write to:
Unitary Structures Team

Zone 3/J1
Eland House
Bressenden Place
London SW1E 5DU

Deadline is 19th January 2010.

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