Friday, 18 December 2009

Lots of energy but nowt to make warming tea

So the big news from these parts was not snow but the causations of snow. Following the 'War of the Worlds' lightning during last nights snow fall, I decided to give the film another watch. The machines were just rising from the ground, dematerialising NYC residents as they went, when they zapped the power supply. We used to get outages quite often here in winter months but, after an upgrade to the overhead wires, I have become a little complacent and stocks of candles and spare batteries are no longer stocked. Went to bed, after watching Ronin on the laptop aside a toasty wood burner, but awoke in darkness until the sun rose. Crispy walk later, with camera and dog, the snow descended again before power restored around 3pm. Most of the turbines were still turning throughout.
Energy energy everywhere, but not a drop to make a warm drink.

© J Reed

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