Saturday, 19 December 2009

Winter wonderland

Pickenham gained a new resident today, a stout fellow who has set up home on the outskirts on the way to Houghton on the Hill. Not sure if he'll stay long but he seems to fit in well with his surroundings. Today was one of life's rareties, perfection. A mix of fluffy snow, startling sunshine and breathless wind. I followed the deer around the field edges eventually wading through two foot drifts to the peaceful haven of St Mary's, just lovely.

The gritted sections of the roads towards the A47 were slushy and passable but why was Swaffham still in such a mess? It did take a couple of attempts to get back up my slightly inclined driveway, with the compressed snow now doubling as an ice hockey pitch, the roads will be tricky tomorrow.

All photos © J Reed

It's all very festive, as is the generosity of most of our neighbours in East Dereham. Some scrooge scallywags had felled the market place Christmas tree. Within the day well wishers have donated, planned and organised a replacement to be erected. Well done, truly the Christmas spirit (which probably had something to do with the evil deed in the first place).

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