Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Seasonal slippery drivers

You have to see the funny side when Swaffham's Iceland won't do home deliveries to outlying villages, like the Pickenhams, because it's too, well, icy. Another store got a Christmas rapping from a caller to the Jeremy Vine show, lunchtimes on Radio 2, who complained that Asda had informed him, several days in advance, that his home Christmas dinner delivery could not be fulfilled. A ruined Christmas was forecast. Elderly, disabled or infirm and unable to visit a store as suggested by customer services? No, a driving instructor. Surely someone well qualified to venture out on this weeks slippery roads.

Hats off for holiday humbuggery has to go to the taxi driver who abandoned his fare between Barnham Broom and Norwich. The couple were left to walk for 90 minutes until an off duty driver from Swaffham picked them up and drove them home. The icing on this Christmas cake, the couple had pushed the errant hackney cab out of the snow before he drove into the night! Surely a candidate to be visited by his very own Jacob Marley.

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