Monday, 8 February 2010

Cancer charity concert, curtailing chuggers and clothing chain closures

Always a sucker for a silver lined cloud story. The death of Norfolk man Gerry Davies aged 66, a former submariner and glass industry worker in Norwich for 25 years, from cancer has led to the fulfilment of his wish to begin a male only cancer awareness charity. Money raised at his funeral and an upcoming concert will launch the Blue Ribbon Foundation

Chuggers, or charity muggers, used to only be seen in major metropolises. Now these usually attractive and overly eager charity signeruppers are becoming an unwelcome plague in Norwich. It's your own choice, but most of these clipboard huggers are paid and/or the company they work for takes a cut of anything you donate. Why not listen to the shpeel, think about it and contact the charity direct later?

Two stores run by Ethel Austin, one in Lynn and the other in Yarmouth, look to be in trouble again despite restructuring after administration in 2008. Competition from more high profile brands and slippery street sales are blamed.

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