Friday, 12 February 2010

Chisel Apprentice Quest, Foul Fowl Assassins, Foreign Crustacean Foray & Burgh Castle Boat Builder's Boom

Any school leaver wanting to cut into a new career could do worse than contact Colin Smith. A stone engraver for 48 years, Yarmouth based Mr Smith wants to pass on his hand crafted skills to an apprentice. 
I particularly like his self scribed headstone for, hopefully far distant, future use, 'Just Walking The Dog'.

© J Reed

Distressing news of shot gunned swans north of Dereham. If the RSPCA can catch the culprit hopefully they will contact the Queen, although death penalty hopes for a treasonable offence are, unfortunately, just an urban myth.

Although more used to stories of more human sized Chinese immigrants to King's Lynn, a more sinister looking invader has appeared at nearby Great River Ouse. The Chinese mitten crab has been spotted before and seems to harm river banks more than indigenous crabs at the levels they are .

Better boat news from Burgh Castle where Goodchild Marine have secured a two boat, three year contract to build pilot boats with a unique French hull design. Norfolk showing the way in these troubled water times.

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