Thursday, 25 February 2010

Police Pounce on Prostitutes, Smoke Without Fire and Lotus Powered Black Cabs

No not a security sex scandal but a clamp down on a massage parlour in Wisbech where extras were thought to be doled for duplicate dosh. Apart from the paid for personal services, officials are perhaps more concerned with the associated people trafficking and working bondage (excuse the pun).  But what's the first line in the EDP report '...illegal brothel...', has Gordon slipped in a new cash raising measure I've missed? 'Slipped in', sorry I've punned again.

Dereham fire fighters put out the expression 'no smoke without fire' when the smell of smoke closed the High Street for about an hour. No fire and a professional sparks couldn't find fault, 'better safe than sorry' still applies then.

'Taxi, to the Olympic Stadium and don't hold the horses!'. Sports car performing Black Cabs for 2012? No, pollution free hydrogen cars for London with fuel cells from Intelligent Energy, with a base in Loughborough, fitted to cabs by Hethel based Lotus Engineering, first class NFN.

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