Friday, 5 February 2010

Sadly missed biker and the fowl designator

A touching story in the EDP today when the widow of motorbike accident victim, Sue Capes, asked the judge not to jail the driver of the car which struck and killed her husband. Remorseful David Everson may have committed a criminal offence but was no criminal, she said, and gaoling him would just ruin another family needlessly.

Not only was Mr Capes a keen biker, he was also one of the few blacksmiths in Norfolk fast getting a reputation for his artistic metal creations. You can read more here in the official obituary and a personal view from a fellow Panthers MCC member.

But wait a minute, Mr Everson is a 'chicken sexer'. Is this a vocation? And just what do you tell a career advisor to be lead down this path?

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