Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Turbulent Times for Turbine Traders? Tosh.

Turbines are a hot topic in East Anglia with applications for, or protests against, onshore farms almost a weekly news headline. Stamford Renewables have sent applications to Waveney District Council for three sets of three turbines on three sites. The turbines will be like these at North Pickenham and not like the obviously offshore type shown in this EDP article.

© J Reed

Offshore wind firm companies are booming. Great Yarmouth based Seajacks, a company that provides portable if not pocket sized offshore lifting solutions, has just been bought by the Americans in a multimillion pound deal.

Permission for a turbine at HMP Bure at the old RAF Coltishall are in doubt  with other plans for the remainder of the site. TAG Aviation are in talks with the landlord, the Ministry of Justice, to use the airfield facilities for aircraft decommissioning with the proposed turbine thought to be an aviation hazard. Of course, a new employer in the region would be welcomed.

Street Advertising Services created this 3D piece of art for A4e who aid the long term unemployed back to work with advice, work placements and help inspiring self confidence, making people believe they can cut the mustard. Very apt from the home of Colmans. Perhaps 'Lottery Lout' Michael Carroll could give them a call. Having squandered just under £10 million in just over 7 years, Carroll is now officially unemployed with only his wrecked mansion to his name. Perhaps a new career at the mustard merchant? I've got the headline already: Chief Chav Chooses Colman's Catering Career Change.

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