Thursday, 4 February 2010

No peas, travel ease and not saving the trees

Bad news for East Anglian farmers as Birds Eye cancel the 30,000 tonnes of peas from the pod grown over 11,500 acres. Fortunately the cooperative had not ordered two new harvesters at £320,000 each.

Photo:James Bass

Trips into Norwich during the rush hour will ease with proposals for part time traffic lights at the Honingham roundabout. Generally light traffic is one of Norfolk's blessings, as I was contrastly reminded on a 2.5 hour each way 50 mile commute from Essex to Richmond on Thames last week.

Police efficiency is at an all time low, well energy wise anyway. Don't expect that three point penalty notice not to arrive, unless it gets recycled amongst the other 63 tonnes of paper Norfolk Constabulary gets through annually. Not to mention nearly a quarter of a million plastic cups at the water coolers!

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