Friday, 13 August 2010

August? Advanced Autumn Alert.

Light showers were predicted today. What we got was a day of drizzle, interspersed with heavy rain, with a 'high' of 16 Celsius and only in the early evening were there any signs of blue sky. It must be the middle of the school holidays!

Not a great day to sell any BBQ, let alone one called 'God Grilla' that can cook 7 whole lambs or 2 cows at any one time.

Cotswold based Bespoke BBQ Company will make anything up to this £10,000 5m long, 1.9m wide and, with its twin chimneys which can be fitted with extractor fans, 3.5m tall example. 
The poshest BBQ in Norfolk must be the summertime menu from the court yard at The Victoria, Holkham.

With half lobsters and whole sea bass on offer, this is no glorified burger joint. Perhaps David Cameron would have popped in after his quick dip in the sea at nearby Holkham Beach, as he revealed on promoting 'traditional' values over Blair's 'Cool Britannia', had it not been April. He is more man than I thought, I won't go into the North Sea until May!

No news on whether he skinny dipped or not.

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