Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Rave Culture, Laser Cutting and Echinops Bannaticus


Turbines, music and a field. Must be a Swaffham rave. Well Cockley Cley to be precise, that's pronounced Cock-Lee-Kli (as in sky) for you foreigners, where the police have dropped their objections for a charity party event after reassurances over illicit drug consumption. The licensing application will be decided by Breckland Council, for the live music and sale of alcohol between 8pm on Saturday September 11th until 2pm the following afternoon, on August 25th. Expect some noise and state of the art light effects from one of the sleepiest corners of Breckland.

Lasers will also be at the cutting edge of metal merchants Laserfast, based at the Ecotech Business Park in Swaffham. When does half a centimetre count? When it comes to cutting stainless steal, apparently. £400,000 investment would seem to be the proof needed for Laserfast to gain new, lucrative energy and chemical clients.

© J Reed

Precision engineering, mother nature always gets there first. Summer must be coming to the end as my Echinops Bannaticus come into flower. The bees are happy, though.

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