Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Road Kill Cremation Rates

News today that West Norfolk Council spends £18,000 a year cremating animals flattened on its roads in the name of 'public health'. 

Perhaps a better use could be 'art' or the slightly more traditional dinner plate ending as served at The RoadKill Cafe in Alabama, their slogan is 'You Kill'em and we Grill'em!'. Or you could fill the freezer like Arthur Boyt, but spare a thought for his long suffering vegetarian wife.

Hedgehog is the most plentiful, their road skills are particularly bad, but their anatomy means they are often difficult to butcher when flattened. The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species conducts annual countrywide surveys that can help you know what deceased fauna you might find and where. An excellent larder service with an easy to use identification guide.

So the North and East look like the best hedgehog hunting haunts. 

But back to West Norfolk Council, will they be picking up bear shit from the woods next?

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