Sunday, 22 August 2010

What a difference a day makes

The garden is all topsy turvy with poppies still flowering along with the second wave of yellow roses at the kitchen window.

And tomatoes ripen on the vine... rose hips redden on the rock rose bushes.

Today was just beautiful, warm and sunny with a gentle breeze. 
Hot enough for Bertie to need a dip and drink in the Wissey after our cycle ride together up to St Mary's.

All photos © J Reed

And the met office confirms that a warm Saturday night low of 14 degrees centigrade heralded a high of 23 Celsius this afternoon.

But what is this on the horizon?

The Wissey might be a little fuller in the morning with up to 8 centimetres of rain a possibility overnight with stormy winds. The farmers are busy, desperately squireling away dry grain and straw.

Twenty four little hours, indeed.

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