Sunday, 29 August 2010

Pickenham Twister

Today has been a mixture of sunshine and showers with a blustery wind. Gusts of over 40 mph have brought down branches for the first time this Autumn which also made the cycle ride to Swaffham a battle on the way there and a jet propelled journey back. Around 2pm the skies darkened and heavy rain with hail fell. Worse things seem to have occurred to the older parts of the village. A house in The Street lost the flint rendering to one side, making the building unsound, with the residents evacuated until the fire brigade make things safe.

© J Reed

Local sources say that the culprit was a small twister caused by the storm, forcing its way down a corridor between two houses, uplifting some trees on it's way south easterly to Ashill. It would seem, fortunately, no one was hurt and by 6pm the winds have dropped and the sun has reappeared.

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