Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Stark naked seaside silliness

Postcards from Cromer may have changed over the years.

But stripping off and enjoying the sand,sea and pier hasn't.

Saucy postcards, 'What the Butler Saw' machines and a 'Kiss Me Quick' hats, Cromer circa 1950s. They tried to censor nakedness then too with McGill postcards, that pre-teens would find tame now, banned from promenade vendors. 

Censorship central Cromer, the Victorian Poppyland gem on the cusp of north and east coasts of Norfolk, seemed to return to pre Edwardian prudity when a collection of standard pose nude paintings were taken down at local government offices today. 

John Vesty's work had meant to hang at the North Norfolk District Council offices in Cromer for four weeks but were squirrelled away after apparently offending some members of staff. The artist  is said to be dumbfounded and remarks that the models are in standard life drawing type poses. Eight of the works are now on display in a nearby gallery.

What the puritans would have made of the visit by the now veteran punksters on Christmas Eve 1977, at the now disappeared Cromer Links Pavilion, lord only knows.

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