Monday, 9 August 2010

Its a strange world...

... when a man, over paid because he can kick a ball around, who is betrothed to a lingerie model, even though he resembles a stick insectstill can't keep it in his shorts and feels the need to pay for sex. The same inability to count one's blessings could be said about our local 'celebrity' who achieved every working man's dream of winning the lottery. King of chavs lotto lout Michael Carroll has finally sold his Swaffham pile as part of his bankruptcy, announced on 18th February this year, after blowing all the £9,736,131 National Lottery win of November 2002. 

Before Carroll

After Carroll

The house is a mess, as you can see, and has been snapped up for £142,000. That is £200,00 less than he paid for it and doesn't allow for the estimated £400,000 spent extending it and fitting an indoor swimming pool. Michael recently applied to get his old bin-man job back and says he is now much happier. 

Money doesn't buy happiness, it seems.

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