Sunday, 24 January 2010

Blocked all Fiveways

With another (un)timely accident closing the A11 this evening, on the only single carriageway section between Barton Mills and Thetford, the final stage of the enquiry into duelling restarts again tomorrow. With the inevitable knock on effects of its closure to all roads in and out of this part of East Anglia, the nearest thing we will have to a motorway can't come too soon. If passed, the £147million 15km section could be open by 2013. Most objections to the scheme, after the RSPB withdrew their opposition to the widening of the road after the Highways Agency agreed to create an area of suitable habitats for nesting stone curlew, are concerning the ability for the Fiveways roundabout, at Barton Mills, to cope with the traffic through flow. When it's not blocked by an accident, of course.

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