Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Not Norfolk Nonsense

Blimey, non British Blagging Balderdash. Sensodyne use pretty bods on TV ads to sell us toothpaste, but the latest advert is fronted by an Ideation Director - your guess is as good as mine. If you need help with finding an NHS dentist you can contact enquiries: 0800 587 4132.

But then I saw clarity, thanks to The Job Box ad:

'Responsibilities: Leads in the driving of new product ideas with demonstrated consumer heartbeat to EPDBs for the GSK Consumer Healthcare product brand. Ultimate owner of EPDB productivity (number of heartbeat validated ideas progressing to PDBs) 3. Evaluates new heartbeat methodologies, including owning I3 (Ideation) meetings for the category. Finds cost effective means to connect with global brand consumers on a regular basis for insight, ideation and product idea validation purposes. Oversees commercial input to Research & Development (Scientific) progression of EPDB. Prepares and delivers a near-final PDB (with most inputs completed including qualitative and quantitative research data) to Innovation Director, who finishes and submits for approval. Measured by the number of Approvable PDBs delivered and the strength of those PDBs as defined by consumer qualitative and quantitative research data. Establishes appropriate and robust market research techniques enabling a reliable and timely evaluation of opportunities.'

That's clear, then.

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