Monday, 25 January 2010

Pacific Poisson, Prince Picker, Pecker Parody and Pay Packet Pruriency

Not sure that we will be seeing this little beauty in our fish and chip shops.The Blobfish, Psychrolutes Marcidus, inhabits the deep waters off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. Not sure even celebrated Morston Hall or Neptune Inn at Old Hunstanton would want to tackle this gelatinous mass, even with their 2010 Michelin stars.

Prince Philip in litter lout lurch, must be a slow news day if Phil The Greek picking up strewn rubbish outside Sandringham church is worth some column inches. Unusually, no foot in mouth this time.

I'm sure he would find something inappropriately fruity to say about this new arrival at Chester zoo.

The little cutie is called a Dik Dik and they originate from East Africa.

Dik Dik, or something similar, came to mind today at the news that Goldman Sachs are to limit pay and bonuses for UK partners to £1million, a year after accepting £6.2 of the £430 billion US government TARP bank bail out. Even though the company is listed at half its prebust market price, chief financial officer, David Viniar, said: "We're not blind to the economic environment and the pain and suffering going on around the world, and we're not deaf to calls for restraint. We've heard them." 

There is a difference between hearing and listening or, come to that, not seeing your own blatant corporate greed.
They just don't get it, do they.

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