Saturday, 23 January 2010

In a spin

In this media savvy society, we must all get used to the fact that news may be factual but often designed to lead us down a certain path.
Norfolk Coast's unbiased report on the Tories' pledge to ditch the Unitary Authority for Norfolk, should they come to nationwide government, defies those in more direct control who want a single authority, as reported in the EDP.
Turbine tormented townsfolk, such as those in Beccles, may have lost their biggest allies since it seems that the stealth turbine blade experiments at NP were a success, belying the objections from the Ministry of Defence that all blades interfere with military radar. The Pickenhams' broadly welcomed our eight turbines, so it was reported.
Maybe you could use your vote to make the difference. Worries that stopping the traditional overnight poll counting may aid vote rigging was reported yesterday, how many of you will miss those returning officer allnighter thrillers?

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