Thursday, 21 January 2010

New Norfolk Virtual Reality Resource

Heads up, and Norfolk Arms, to the new EDP/NCC VR museum highlighting this wonderful county. People and places, past and present, are presented in a peculiar preteen propitious passion.
Back to reality with toilets and time past tyrannies.
Two terrifying terms certain to curdle any council constituent's confidence are 'working group' and 'wider consultation'. Still, that's what was decided at the special meeting held in Swaffham to solve the toilet overspend. They will stay open in the meantime until a solution can be flushed out. Don't pan my puns, you're just pulling my chain.
Dragged up deposing Duma dictator's detailed drawings in the EDP today. An opportunity to rake up the past today as secret cold war Soviet maps of Norfolk are revealed from the Cambridge University Library. Norfolk has long been seen as a prime invasion point, remember The Eagle Has Landed? The village used in the film was actually Mapledurham in Oxfordshire.

Oh no, I've mention the war again. Sorry.

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