Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Brotherly love

Without wishing to light the fuse of sibling rivalry within you, my older gene gender go-getter bro has long returned to the ancestral pile where the ex king of family entertainment Sir Eric West Common Morecambe settled. No not in the North West but commuter belt Harpenden.

And now I can see whether Marham, in the Norfolk corner, is colder than the woosy Hertfordshire Rothamsted with a daily update from the Met Office. There are also bihourly updates so you can see just how cold it officially is. He was colder in the last 24 hours but Marham didn't get above freezing all day! This morning the recently quiet airforce base reached -10C.

Strangely, the road salt lorry arrived in the village again today and topped up the bins they half filled yesterday. I'm sure it makes good sense to someone. We know where our bins are so they have been constructed from half round fence posts, which tend to blend into the background a little better than their dayglo cousins. 

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  1. I e-mailed them on Monday to say the bins were service even if it was a game of two halves. Your parish clerk.